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Yield and power

You can have the yield and power of your plant shown as a diagram. You can also download the values in text format (CSV) or as an excel table.

Create diagram

Select a measuring value. The selection is

  • the yield (in kilowatt hours),
  • the standard yield (in kilowatt hours per installed kilowatt in plant power) and
  • the power (in watts).

Select a Reporting time range. The selection is day, week, month, year.
Click on the calendar symbol to select the date. If you have set the time range for week, month or year, select a day within the required range.

Select a plant in the list and one or more inverter.
Tip: To select several inverters, hold down the Control key while clicking with the mouse.

Click on Refresh to generate the diagram with selected settings.

Important: Always click on Refresh if you change the measuring value, time range or inverter


You can easily select the previous or following reporting time range by clicking on the Back or Forward fields. The diagram is updated automatically.

Tip: You can save or download the diagram as a picture. Right-click on the diagram and select Save graphic as ...from the context menu

Export values

You can download the values for the diagram as a text file (CSV) or as a Microsoft excel table. Click on the appropriate icon.