Solar Electric
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Plant overview

Here you can see all the essential information on your plant.

Click on the Edit icon (note pad) to change information on the plant.
The fields marked with a star (*) are compulsory fields which must be completed.

Click on the Assign icon (paper clip), to add an inverter to the plant.

Note: When adding a new plant, you need to have the item number and serial number of an inverter from the new plant. This inverter will not be assigned to the new plant automatically. You must also assign this inverter to the new plant using the Assign icon.

Assign an inverter:

  • To be able to assign an inverter, you must have its item number and serial number. These are located on the type plate of the inverter or on the settings page for an existing connection to the web server of the inverter.
  • Pay special attention to whether the item number and the serial number of the selected inverter has any spaces. If the numbers contain spaces, they must also be included when entering.
  • Click on the Assign inverter icon (green plus sign). The Searching for inverter window opens.
  • In the inverter serial number field, first enter the item number of an inverter from your new plant, if applicable, with any spaces in the item number.
  • If the item number does not have any spaces, enter exactly one space after the item number.
    If the item number has individual spaces, enter exactly two spaces after the item number.
  • Then enter the serial number of the inverter, if applicable enter any individual spaces in the serial number.
  • Click on Forward.
  • Select the inverter submenu item. If there are several inverters in the plant connected with network cables, all the inverters are listed here with their names, item numbers and serial numbers.
  • Select all the inverters which are to be assigned to the plant.
  • Click on Forward.
  • Enter the e-mail address of the user.
  • Click on Forward.
  • Assign the user a role from the fold-down menu. The owner of the plant has the highest level of authorisation. He can add users as well as delete and assign roles.
  • Click on Forward.
  • The inverters are now assigned to the plant.